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edamame :: alternatives

Why you should, or shouldn’t, use Edamame

Beanstalk / edamame’s strengths and weaknesses

**Beanstalkd**’s strengths:

It lacks

Edamame adds persistence and (with the God scripts) ‘good-enough availability’ (note that it still lacks discovery). It also introduces a bit of complexity and some risk of inconsistent state or duplicated jobs (see above).

Other distributed queues

RabbitMQ, Kestrel and Amazon’s SQS seem to be the best industrial-strength distributed queue systems. Note that they are messaging queues and lack some of the specifically job queuing features of Beanstalk.


Kestrel, a reimplementation of Starling

Amazon SQS

This comparison of message queues describes one group’s opinionated survey of the industrial strenght distributed messaging queue ecosystem. Note carefully their criteria; ours were quite different, hence edamame.

Other worker queues

Most of these are heavy-weight job queuing solutions that play nice with Rails:

This talk by Rob Mack on Background Processing in Ruby on Rails (at the April Austin on Rails meeting) has a great overview of job queuing solutions for Rails and in general.

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